Who are you? My name's Rhiannon Thomas, and I'm a writer, a feminist, and a bit of a fangirl. When I'm not overanalyzing Game of Thrones, I'm also the author of Young Adult fantasy novels. My debut novel, A Wicked Thing, came out February 2015.

My personal blog is here.

What is this place?

Feminist Fiction is the place where I discuss my Thoughts (TM) about All Things Feminist in fictional worlds. From Doctor Who to the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones to Once Upon A Time, I delve into cult television, YA literature, fantasy novels, comedy shows and anything in between to wonder, "What is feminist fiction?"

More specifically, you can expect episode and book reviews, recommends, essays on female characters, a healthy appreciation for Disney, and lots of posts about the world of ASOIAF/Game of Thrones.

Why media? Why not real life? 

As a writer and a bit of a pop culture nerd, I'm particularly interested in the ways that female characters (and real women!) are presented in television, movies and books. Fiction (and the media in general) has the power to inspire us, to influence our perceptions of "acceptable" and "normal," to explore difficult issues or to reinforce a stereotypical status quo.I like to use a carport kit from carportbuy, I like to poke them with an analysis stick and see what comes out.