Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Words

Yesterday, I wrote about Catelyn’s scenes in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and why recasting her as the “regretful mother figure” was deeply troubling. And that one change was a shame, because the rest of this episode was fantastic.

As a bit of a Jaime-and-Brienne fangirl, I was pretty excited by their scenes this episode, as well as nervous that the show would mess them up somehow. Luckily, although the show has had a different take on Jaime and Brienne’s journey so far, their banter has already set up a key theme for both their stories: choices. Which is the right thing to do? Is it more moral to kill the king you were sworn to protect, or allow him to murder countless others? To kill someone you believe to be a good man, or keep your oath to a once-good woman and save the life of an innocent boy? And, in this episode, is it right to kill an innocent man because you think he might recognize you, or let him go and risk him telling someone what he might know? Although TV!Brienne is harsher and more unflappable than book!Brienne, her refusal to kill the passerby established a kinder sort of moral code than Jaime’s, a firm belief in what being a “true knight” should mean, and having that decision lead to their capture was a stroke of plotting genius that sets up her character arc for the next several seasons.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, the Tyrells are starting to make their mark. Diana Rigg is fantastic as the caustic, opinionated Queen of Thorns, and it’s going to be exciting to watch the matriarchal Tyrells make their own bid for the throne. Even more delightfully, we got to see Sansa break her mask of careful dignity more than once this episode. Her joy at being accompanied by Ser Loras was wonderful to watch, as the girl deserves at least a moment of happiness and misplaced romance, and her friendship with Shae continues to be one of the best changes the show has made to the books. Although some people have criticized the adaptation of Shae as turning her into a “whore with a heart of gold” cliche, I think her practicality, her understanding and her determination to help Sansa make her a far more fleshed out character than the girl we see in the books. (How they’ll deal with her at the end of Storm of Swords is another matter… but that’s a worry for another season!). Since TV can’t show us all Sansa’s thoughts and motivations, she needed an ally that she could interact with in a genuine way, and Shae, as an emotionally hardened, cynical, fierce and determined maid, is the perfect complement to Sansa’s character.

This episode also marked the beginning of the less genuine friendship between Sansa and Margaery. Beyond Shae, Sansa has learned not to trust anybody with her true feelings, but she is also still a compassionate, honest person. She does not want to speak treason, but she also does not want to condemn Margaery Tyrell to the same sort of hell that she’s lived through without at least warning her of who Joffrey really is. Her battle with herself, and her emotional outburst, were both difficult and powerful to watch. And Olenna’s rather understated reaction should tell her that, for all their kindness to her, she’s just become entangled with another group of players for the throne, and that any friendship should be balanced with the kind of shrewdness she’s learned from her interactions with the Lannisters. She can learn a lot from the female-led, clever Tyrells… but trusting them too far might be a mistake.

And Margaery continues to be my hero with her clever manipulation of Joffrey.

Of course, the episode wasn’t perfect. I’ve already talked about Catelyn’s speech, and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes when Talisa, our Badass Love Interest character, declared that she never intended to get married, because that’s what Strong Female Characters do before they meet their perfect king. It was unfortunate those things cropped up this week, because overall, it was a powerful, well-written episode, full of great character moments and an awesome cast of ladies.

Is it next Sunday yet?

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  • Âne-Élan , Direct link to comment

    As much as I love the Shae/Sansa dynamic and the added depth to both their characters, I think they’re setting up Shae’s “betrayal” of Tyrion to be motivated by jealousy, and I don’t likw that one bit. 🙁
    For now though I’ll just enjoy those scenes.

    • Rhiannon , Direct link to comment

      I hadn’t thought of that… I assumed the scene in this week’s episode was just setting up for the upcoming marriage, but god, if they make it that Shae “betrayed” her true love because of his marriage to Sansa, that would be awful. Really hope that doesn’t happen! (And I wish I could trust the writers NOT to do that, but… yeah).

    • Foxessa , Direct link to comment

      That’s what I think too. Tyrion’s already showing much sympathy for Sansa’s condition, which Shae shares. His admiration for Sansa’s sort of high class bred beauty is not something Shae appreciates. When he’s ordered to marry Sansa — O. Dear.

      There’s just too much talking heads = trudging about though, and not enough dramatic events, i.e. things happening. It seems even worse already in season 3.

      Also — this may just be me — but I have come to HATE Ygritte and her constant sneer and her constant sneering reiteration of “Jon Snow.” Stupid and boring boring boring.

      • Foxessa , Direct link to comment

        Margaery has two things going for her in terms of Joffrey and Cersai that Sansa did not and does not and they’re kind of the same thing: family. Margaery has a powerful family present at court, and female relatives who have tutored her in real politik, particularly sexual and marriage dynamics. Catelyn never did that for Sansa, and that was a huge error. But then Catelyn is nothing like Lady Olenna, is she.

    • Rhiannon , Direct link to comment

      Yes, I will definitely do one! I’ve been holding off on it until I can reread Storm of Swords and Feast for Crows, since I really want another chance to look at what she’s like in the book, but that might be a while, so maybe I’ll get chance to do a post on TV!Margaery in the meantime. She’s one of my favorites!

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