We Need To Stop Writing Suicide Stories

Last month, a University of Michigan psychology study found a link between Netflix’s suicide teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, and suicidal intention in vulnerable teen viewers.  It’s a small study, with only 87 participants, but it echoes what experts on teen mental health have claimed from the show’s debut — the show’s treatment of its suicidal protagonist […]

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the Feminism of Nightmares

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a “feminist” dystopia. On the surface, it invokes a delicious power fantasy — the sort of vengeful female world that misogynists fear — but in reality its power is another trap, luring rebellious girls into even greater restriction and oppression. Back to the 1950s Greendale is a highly traditional and […]

Free Choice (To Kill Feminists) in Red Dead Redemption 2

Last week, Youtuber Shirrako uploaded a series of videos centered around torturing a Suffragette character in Red Dead Redemption 2. In the videos, with titles like “Beating Up Annoying Feminist” and “Annoying Feminist Fed to Pigs,” Shirrako found inventive ways to torment the campaigner for women’s votes, including throwing her down mine shafts and feeding […]

Struggling with Sexism in East Asian Dramas

When it comes to “problematic things I enjoy anyway,” my biggest guilty pleasure is East Asian dramas. Typically Japanese ones, as that’s the language that I (sort of) speak, but now I’ve started to study Chinese, I’ve added those to my viewing line-up too. Most recently, I’ve been watching a very silly Taiwanese drama called Miss In Kiss, which is a […]

Tangled: Before Ever After

Disclaimer: Tangled is my favorite movie. Not just my favorite Disney movie. My favorite movie. So when Disney announced they were making an animated TV show, I was very excited and very skeptical. I couldn’t wait to watch it. So, was it good? The short answer is yes. If you like Disney and cuteness and badass female characters, […]