Summer Hiatus

Feminist Fiction is going on summer break! Things aren't going to shut down entirely, but I'll be posting a lot more sporadically, and I'm not even going to pretend to follow any kind of schedule.

This is partly because I've been stuck on fiction writing for what feels like forever, and I'm hoping a bit of concentrated writing time will help. And it's partly because... well, the world has been really terrible recently. And to be honest, I need to rest and not think critically about entertainment for a bit. I just want to watch silly Youtube Let's Plays and recharge.

So there might be some more casual "what I've been reading/watching/playing" posts in the coming weeks (I am 50 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition and omg), and I'll do normal posts when I feel really compelled to write about something immediately. Otherwise, catch me on Twitter and Instagram, where I post pics of my cat judging me.

And if anyone wants to join me in the world of light summer Youtube entertainment, I recommend Outside Xtra. Their Skyrim series about the adventures of Kippers the Khajiit is A++.