Netflixing through the apocalypse

It's Thanksgiving week! I'm going to take the excuse to finish out my post-election blogging slump with a bit of actual planned time to rest (what? madness!), log off the internet, and probably listen to Sia's cover of Satisfied on repeat. Also finish writing a book. Also buy all my Christmas presents. Also how come it's nearly December already? In the meantime, if anyone else is still in the mood to just curl up with piles of blankets and Netflix and hide from everything, here are a few of my favorite "take a breath and don't hate the world" recs.

"I need a great comedy to binge on" recs

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

This is what I just finished marathoning -- I'll post about it more soon. This show is so hilarious, and so feminist. It's a musical comedy about a high-flying New York lawyer who has a mental breakdown, bumps into her childhood ex-boyfriend on the street, and decides, on a whim, to move to his hometown in California. And I identify with Rebecca way more than is probably healthy.

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23

If you haven't checked this show out yet, DO. Seriously. It's a fantastic comedy about a small-town girl who moves to NYC for her dream job, only to have her new company immediately fold, her fiance ditch her, and end up living with serial con-artist, Chloe. Oh, and Chloe is besties with James Van Der Beek, playing a parody of himself, trying to recapture the Dawson glory days. It's bright and cheerful and insane and wonderful.


For your British comedy needs. Total farcical sitcom from comedian Miranda Hart about the ridiculous situations her social awkwardness gets her into. Really recommend it if you haven't seen it already.

Gilmore Girls


"I just want something comforting in the background" recs

Critical Role

I rec this constantly these days, but seriously. If you want something fun but also easy to watch in the "I can do other things and don't have to pay tons of attention all the time" way, this is perfect. You can start on episode one, or if you just want something really "listening in the background"-esque that's also hilarious, try episode 26, Consequences and Cows.

Jacksepticeye's Let's Play of Undertale

Yeah, his username is kind of weird. But this is such a funny, heartwarming, emotional playthrough of one of the best games of the decade. Fun characters! Great story! And a really good person to "share" the gaming experience with.

John Green's Wimbly Womblys

Uh, this is a weird one, because I'm basically recommending watching someone play video game football, when I care nothing for football whatsoever. But again, if you just want quiet talking in the background, this is a good option. Each video, YA author and Youtuber John Green plays a match on FIFA 16 and talks about a chosen topic, ranging from discussing the wonders of Hamilton to the internet's impact on mental health to taking Buzzfeed quizzes on which Friends character he is. It's soothing, and it's often really interesting too. I recommend it if you're feeling so down that even watching most Youtube vids seems like too much focus and effort.

Hopefully, I'll be back next week with thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and new Gilmore Girls. In the meantime, have a good Thanksgiving, everyone!