Mini Link Roundup

Because getting sick makes it hard to write, but it does give you lots of time to read. First, a little bit of my own news: my book series, A Wicked Thing, has been optioned for development into a TV series by Freeform.

JK Rowling released four mini essays on the history of magic in the United States last week, and the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. io9 had a very long and scathing analysis, calling it a "travesty from start to finish," and although I think some of their points are reaching somewhat, there's some solid arguments in there too. This post on Writing With Color is particularly illuminating about why her treatment of Native American religions in particular is offensive.

For a fantastic long read, check out YA Interrobang's Women Built This Castle: An In-Depth Look at Sexism in YA.

An old article, but new to me, from the New York Times: The Serial Swatter, looking into the hows and the whys of swatting on Twitch.

I've stopped watching The 100, but there's been a lot of intense debate about it recently due to one spoilery plot point. Variety has an interesting discussion of why it's a betrayal of fans.