Winter Break Netflix Picks

'Tis the season for Netflix marathons. Lots of downtime, nothing new airing til the new year -- it's time to rewatch favorites and catch up on all the great shows you've missed. After the recent debacles with Sleepy Hollow and Reign, not to mention the never-ending disappointment of Game of Thrones, I've been feeling quite down on TV recently. It seems like all shows have something that makes me go "it's enjoyable as long as you overlook..." or some other caveat that you really don't want to deal with during the holidays.

So, here are my top feminist-friendly Netflix-available picks for the winter break.

The 100

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Battlestar Galactica meets LOST, The 100 starts out as fairly generic, if addictive, fare, but gets stronger and stronger as time goes on, and is now probably my favorite currently-airing drama. With a cast of fantastically-realized female characters, great plot twists and a lot of moral questions, it's not exactly light-n-fluffy Christmas TV, but is definitely worth catching up on.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

Just in case you missed all the excitement a couple of months ago, all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are now available on Netflix. This show kinda feels like hanging out with old friends, with powerful emotional moments, female character-driven stories, and more pop culture references than you could possibly count. The acting is great, the characters are great, the stories are great... if you have never seen it, you should, and if you HAVE seen it, it's totally time for a rewatch.



I'm kind of mad at the second season of this show, but the first season is still definitely worth a watch. So historically inaccurate that it's basically just a fantasy show, Reign is ostensibly about a young Mary Queen of Scots, attempting to survive at the decadent, scheming french court.  It's super fun, Gothic-y stuff, with prophecies of death and unseen threats in the forest and plots and drama and really pretty headbands, and it has a great cast of female characters to boot.

Adventure Time


Unbelievably weird but really fun, Adventure Time uses its amazing cast of characters to play with RPG and other fantasy/adventure tropes. Every episode is different, from really funny and happy to "what the hell did I just watch??" to heart-breaking revelations, and the worst thing about watching it is the moment when you realize that you're no longer surprised by its oddness. With characters like Princess Bubblegum, the occasionally-tyrannical scientist ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Marceline the punk rock vampire queen, and the princess-kidnapping Ice King, it's a great cartoon for anyone nerdy.

The Paradise


For all your Victorian Christmas-y needs, The Paradise is about the people who work in and around England's (fictional) first department store (unsurprisingly called The Paradise). It's got everything you might expect from a BBC period drama, with interesting characters and a great female lead.

I'm also going to be watching Agents of Shield and/or Arrow (we'll see where my whims take me), as well as enjoying a rewatch of Gilmore Girls Season 5.

What are you going to be Netflix-ing this holiday?