Women as Background Decoration in Video Games

Sometimes, you don't see how bad things are until the evidence is laid out in front of you.

I don't always 100% agree with Anita Sarkeesian's analysis on Feminist Frequency, but her latest video on Women as Background Decoration in video games is pretty hard to argue with. In it, she gives a rundown of how violence (and especially sexual violence) against women is used in video games as a kind of "mood setter," to give a sense of grittiness or allow the player to play the hero.

Just one of these examples would be horrific. And Anita has enough to fill an entire half an hour video. The bulk of the video isn't analysis or explanation. It's just clip after clip after clip, paired with descriptions of the role this moment plays in the game. And it's pretty stomach-churning stuff.

Of course, not everyone is happy with her expose. Anita Sarkeesian was driven out of her own home earlier this week because of serious threats against her and her family, and she's previously reported that she gets abuse every single day from irate gamers because of her videos. And why, exactly? Because she criticizes video games? Because she wants them to be more inclusive for women? The irony, of course, is that in threatening and abusing her, these gamers are simply proving her point that video game culture is incredibly sexist and needs change. When people attack her for daring to suggest that gamers might be misogynistic (which she does not even do -- she comments on the content of the games themselves), they reveal all the misogyny that fuels them. It could almost be amusing if it wasn't so terrifying.

I would like to think that people react so horrifically because they feel like she's criticizing them for liking video games, and because they don't want their games to be represented by these "blips" of sexism. But it's hard to believe that. It seems like the people reacting so strongly to Sarkeesian value the misogynistic elements under discussion, especially the ones shown in this video. Why else would a huge chunk of the mods available for Skyrim involve making women in the world more scantily clad? Why else would there be "realistic rape mods" (yes seriously) for the game? People are willing to work hard to add these elements to games that don't already include them. They enjoy them and want them to be there. And by simply pointing out the existence of this attitude and how pervasive it is, Anita Sarkeesian is threatening their fun and making it seem like it could all be taken away.

#notallgamers, of course. And not all games. But the attitude does exist, and it needs to be tackled. Because when simply mentioning it leads to a woman being driven out of her home, you know you've got a problem that runs far too deep to be ignored.