Summer 2014!

Game of Thrones Season 4 is over! The 2013-14 TV season is officially done! Which means that its time for watching old shows and movies that we've missed (in both senses of the word), reading books out in the sunshine, and forgetting all Game of Thrones gross sexism in time to get really excited about the new season again next year. Without a weekly roster of new shows to watch, it also means that things are changing up here at Feminist Fiction. Here are some of the things I've got planned for the those long summer months before TV returns to us:

+ Orange is the New Black. I finished the second season a few days ago, and I have many things to say about this fantastic show.

+ A little more Game of Thrones. I previously wrote a series on the women of A Song of Ice and Fire, and there are still several female characters that I haven't got to, including Margaery, Shae, Missandei, Ygritte, and Asha. After a season with many ups and downs, I really want to get back to the books and dig into these female characters as we knew them there.

+ A look at the Disney Princesses and their movies, to see how feminist or "anti-feminist" these films actually are. A couple of summers ago, I looked at the original princess movies. This time, I'll be talking about movies from the Disney Renaissance, starting next week with The Little Mermaid.

+ A watch of the Marvel movies to date, starting with Iron Man and looking at how Marvel stands up as the "female-character friendly" superhero creator so far. (This is partly on the urging of a dear friend who is HORRIFIED that I still haven't seen most of them :P).

+ I'm going to WorldCon! That means I get a vote in the Hugo awards, which means I'll be trying to read the Hugo nominated novels for 2014. This one's a bit less certain, since my reading schedule is always pretty tight and may not have room for four new sci-fi/fantasy tomes before mid-August, but I'm hoping this one will happen.

Plus, general book reviews, analysis and merriment. And if there's anything you'd like to see me write about, please let me know!