Link Roundup

A few interesting pieces from around the internet over the past few weeks: Author Joanne Harris responds to the idea that she's capitalizing on Tom Hiddleston's popularity with her Loki series. She has a few choice words for the way female writers are dismissed in this way.

The NYT's first female executive editor was fired for being "too pushy," after asking for a salary equal to her male predecessor's.

Guess how many female writers will be working on Doctor Who Season 8? If you guessed NONE, gold star to you!

Lauren Davis at io9 answers the question, why do we care so much about what female superhero wear?

Addressing troubling tropes regarding Asia and Asian Americans in YA.

On xoJane, criticism of the "fat girl" episode of Louie, from a woman who auditioned for the part.

Author Malinda Lo answers the question, should white people write about people of color?

And in non-media-related but very important news, the NYT asks: what's so scary about smart girls?