Link Roundup

Everyone is talking about the new Doctor. Comicscrux says the whole thing reveals worrying prejudices, while Zap2it says Peter Capaldi can stay but Steven Moffat needs to go. And Neil Gaiman's opinion on a female doctor? Not yet. Not quite.

Considering some fans' comments on the casting of Peter Capaldi (now there's a non-hot Doctor, the silly girls who don't REALLY like the show will leave!), this article seems particularly relevant. Boy Bands and Sexism: Can We Stop Hating Teenage Girls?

On Think Progress: Legendary Comics Creators Dismiss Sexism Critiques. "The comics follow society. They don't lead."

The Mindy Project is getting reworked to make its protagonist more "likeable." Flavorwire's response: Let Mindy Kaling Be an Asshole.

The creators of the Last of Us respond in an interview to critics of the game's female characters.