It's summer! Which means that all the TV shows are ending, so the recent FeministFiction roster of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Once Upon A Time will end as well. But I'm planning to use the summer to introduce a bunch of new things to this site. Here are the current plans:

+ Interviews with writers and other content creators. (Please comment or contact me if there's anyone you'd particularly like included here, especially if they're debut authors or otherwise not so well known)

+ I'm also interested in potentially doing a series on movies that are written/directed by women, and on indie video games that have female developers. BUT I know too little about both of these things right now. I couldn't name a woman in either area. So again, if you have any recommends, or just know of a game company to watch out for, please please comment or email me.

+ An episode-by-episode rewatch/discussion of Joss Whedon's Firefly

+ A return to the Disney Princess series (I got up through Peter Pan last summer... time for the Disney Renaissance).

+ More book reviews, especially non-YA fantasy! I've built up quite a long list of recommends, thanks to the awesome suggestions from people here.

+ Potentially other TV shows being added to the roster. Elementary is first on my watch list.

I'm going to be on semi-vacation for the next two weeks, and most of the upcoming posts are pre-written, so these things won't be appearing for a little while. But I'm excited! In the meantime, please excuse me if I'm a little slow to approve comments or reply to emails... and I'll be popping back early next week to talk about a certain wedding. :)