Link Roundup

It's the one year anniversary of Feminist Fiction! Sort of. I made a few tentative posts here in Nov-Dec 2011, but April 19th was the day I returned to this blog, committed to it, and tried to really make it something. Thanks so much to everyone who's been reading over the past year, and to everyone who's commented, shared posts, or contacted me. It's been amazing discussing things with you, and I'm really grateful for all your support. Anyway, the links!

On Tumblr, aiffe discusses fandom's hate for female characters, and the potential reasoning behind it.

Just Cos talks with writer Jane Espenson about the women of Doctor Who.

And then she was pretty, the end: about heroines' need to "become beautiful" in YA literature.

Representing LGBT romance on YA book covers.

At Feminspire: Sci-Fi Pregnancies, Fun for No-One.