Game of Thrones Red Carpet Interviews

I should probably be wary of Game of Thrones Season 3, since Season 2 brought little more than frustration and disappointment, but I have to admit that all of the trailers and promotional stuff recently has made me incredibly excited. Even though the female characters on this show aren't allowed the same depth and narrative space that they're given in the book, they are still played by some fabulous actresses who really understand and advocate for their characters' complexities. And it's really exciting to see that come out in interviews. So the past few days, with the Game of Thrones premiere, press events and panel, have been a total delight!

I think Cersei in particular has been done huge favors by her actress, Lena Headey. The show took away a lot of Cersei's more heinous actions and has definitely softened her, but I think Lena's portrayal of Cersei has also brought out a lot of her emotions and fears and motivations that are harder to see in the book. Both Sansa and Arya have a taste of Cersei in them, and the show makes it more possible to see where Cersei has come from and why she acts the way she does. If there's any female character who comes off as a little one-dimensional in the books, even in her own point of view chapters, it's Cersei, so it's great to see her getting developed on the show.

Meanwhile, Sophie Turner has grown a lot since she was cast as Sansa Stark and first encountered "Sansa Stark hate." Despite talking frequently about how often "fans" tell her that they hate her (or at least her character), she's grown into one of Sansa's staunchest (and most adorable) defenders. Considering that Sansa's character after Book 1 is a mixture of trauma and courtly defence, it would take a talented actress to portray her well. Luckily, Sophie Turner is more than up to the job, and her nuanced, sweet and defiant portrayal of Sansa is just a joy to watch. Hoping for more of her this season (and even more the season after that)!

There are plenty more interviews, including with Maisie Williams, Michelle Fairley and George RR Martin himself. I only wish there was one with Gwendoline Christie, because I am dying for more info on Brienne this season. The interviews can all be found here.