Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter


It's like Hogwarts for spies, where all the students are girls. And it's so much fun.

Cammie is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a school that, from the outside, seems like a typical school for rich and privileged young women, and from the inside, is a school for trainee spies. After several years at the school, Cammie is already fluent in a dozen different languages, a master of martial arts, and knows how to take down an enemy in many unexpected ways, but when a boy in town asks her out, she has to go on her deepest uncover operation yet: pretending to be a normal girl.

Yes, the premise is kind of silly. But it's really enjoyable. The cast is a bunch of kickass girls, but not in a 100%-non-girly, kill-you-by-looking-at-you way. Some of the characters are deadly in a fight, but some of them are geniuses who would hide from a fight but could hack into a high security computer, blend into any scenario, or just convince you they were a native of any country you chose. They're dynamic, intelligent and independent, but they're still teenage girls, with all the insecurities inherent therein.

Although it does have some angstiness and tragic character backgrounds, this is generally a book that makes you feel good when you read it. It's clearly written for the younger bracket of "YA," and seems in the same vein as series like The Princess Diaries.

If you're looking for a quick, light bit of fun, try this one.