Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 Cancelled

apartment-23-65 I was pretty heartbroken yesterday to learn that Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23 has been cancelled.

Even though my last post about the show was pretty critical, I generally loved watching this one. It was funny and off-beat and pretty darn unique, and it will be really sad to see it go.

Apartment 23 was a genuinely funny comedy about two female roommates (rare enough), one of whom managed to be both sweet and naive and kinda girly and an ambitious career woman working in finance, and the other who was somehow genuine and likeable for how immensely selfish and dislikable she is. She was the Barney Stinson character, full of crazy schemes and ridiculous challenges, and she's the first female version of that comedy archetype I've encountered. Throw in James Van Der Beek playing himself for the lols, and you've got yourself a show that manages to both really entertaining and generally pretty darn feminist.

Of course, if the ratings aren't there, then the ratings aren't there... but I really wish things were different. This was a show that deserved far more attention and praise than it received.