Doctor Who S7 Wishlist

The new season of Doctor Who starts in just 5 days, after almost a year off our screens.

It's one of my favorite shows. Or... it was one of my favorite shows. Now I'm awaiting its new season debut with trepidation, wondering what, exactly, it's going to do to infuriate me next.

But I want, more than anything, to love it. I want it to be fabulous. So, taking a leaf out of Squarise's book, here is my list of 10 things I'd love to see in Doctor Who Season 7. If they don't redeem it, they'll at least make it watchable in a non-infuriating way.

Emotional growth for Amy Pond

Last season, Amy Pond was pregnant, kidnapped, gave birth immediately after discovering she was locked in a box and her experiences were a lie, had her child kidnapped by an evil, brainwashing organization, and was eventually ditched by the Doctor without any say in the matter. And she didn't change, or grow, or even comment on these events throughout the series.

If her adventures, and the shocking plot twists Moffat loves to create, are going to have any resonance, they have to have emotional consequences.

So please. Let Amy feel something for more than one episode beyond love for "her boys."

Daleks that are actually scary

In the first season of New Who, a single dalek was a horrifying threat that freaked out the Doctor and was difficult to stop. A dalek army was thrilling and nigh-impossible to beat.

And then they came back, and back, and back. And they stopped being scary. They stopped being cool. They don't kill anyone, they don't threaten anything, and they humorously serve tea.

If there must be daleks, make them scary again. Please.

Amy Pond making decisions for herself

She's been the "girl who waited." The girl who got in the Pandorica, and waited again. The girl who was kidnapped. The girl whose baby was kidnapped, and who waited again. The girl who the Doctor dropped off at home because he decided their travels were too dangerous.

I want to see Amy in control of some aspect of her life. Even if she just decides to stop travelling with the Doctor and walks out of his life. I want her to have some actual independence and strength, rather than the short-skirt, sassy talk "independence" that the show has given her so far.

A female companion with a life outside the Doctor

Since we're getting a new companion this season (even if it's not til Christmas), I'll throw this desperate hope in here. Both Amy Pond and River Song have their entire lives built around the Doctor. We don't know anything about the new companion so far, but I really, really hope that she'll at least have something in her life before she meets the Doctor. Family she loves (or fights with, or hates) and who actually appear. A job. Career ambitions. Friends who aren't conveniently thrown in and turn out to be her daughter. The companion can't be a "challenge to the Doctor" (as every news report on every new companion claims) if she doesn't have a life and personality of her own.

More quiet moments and simple truths

My favorite episode of Moffat's Who is Vincent and the Doctor, mostly because of the last five minutes, which manage to be both tear-inspiring and comforting at the same time.

Less explosions and loud plot twists, more emotional resonance, please please please.

The survival of the Ponds

I know this one is unlikely. But the idea of characters who lack emotional growth, who are mostly just admiring set pieces for the Doctor, being killed off as soon as they lose their usefulness... let's just say it's far from appealing, and far from good writing. Maybe their story can be redeemed by a good ending. And a good ending, to me, involves them living, not killed off so that the Doctor can feel guilty.

No more sexist comments

I just love when the Doctor, who is supposedly about the worth and power of each individual person, makes little sexist jokes. I loved when the Doctor made Amy "grown up" by calling her "Amy Williams" instead of Amy Pond. Not to mention the way that the Doctor married River in a fit of annoyance to fix her mistakes.

Wait. No. I hated those moments. The Doctor is supposed to be a figure who spreads equality and justice throughout the universe. He is not a mouthpiece for Moffat's "harmless" little sexist asides. Stop it.

Female writers and directors

There has only been one female director, and no female writers, in Steven Moffat's entire reign as showrunner. Out of 28 episodes (including the specials), not a single one was written by a woman. That fact blows my mind.

A lack of interviews from Steven Moffat

It would certainly be easier to enjoy the show if Moffat didn't keep making sexist, problematic and just plain infuriating comments in interviews and on twitter. If he let his work speak for itself... well, it would still be problematic and infuriating, but at least there wouldn't be some guy claiming he's beyond criticism and bragging about how amazing he is thrown into the bargain.

A overarching plot that actually makes sense

But this might be asking a bit much.