Link Roundup

Squarise has an excellent feminist-themed list of 5 things needed in Doctor Who Season 7. This is old, but new (and shocking) to me: a visual representation of the gender and race of all writers and directors in Moffat's Doctor Who

Here's a reading list of 21st century women literary writers. I've only read TWO of them, so I'll have to check some out.

This TED talk on figuring things out as a teen in the current media environment is fantastic. (I wish I could give a talk this good now, never mind at 15).

Prachi Gupta asks whether literary reviewers target female authors for excessive criticism.

Feminspire talks about "girl books" vs "boy books," saying "get gender roles out of my media."

Consider checking out this new documentary on four teenager girls who were adopted from Chinese orphanages by American families  It starts screening in New York today.