A Few Thoughts on Kristen Stewart

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the Snow White sequel. Makes sense, right? After the fact that she cheated on Robert Pattinson went public, she basically became persona non grata everywhere but the gossip mags. As she's become so unpopular, it would be a liability for her to remain the movie's star.

Of course, sources suggest that the director she cheated with, Rupert Sanders, will return to the sequel. But he only betrayed his wife and children. Kristen betrayed a popular Hollywood heartthrob and on-screen love interest!

Kristen Stewart made a big mistake. She did a horrid thing. But the director, who did a worse thing, seems to be continuing his career unhampered. Meanwhile, it's rumoured that Kristen's also been dropped from other projects. Whether this will continue, or the world will forget and move on, remains to be seen, but this story is clearly having a big impact on her career for the moment.

I don't think that an actress deserves to lose her whole career over a personal, completely legal mistake, but as that seems to be happening, it'd be nice if this meant we had a conscientious public who refused to support individuals who do horrible things.

But Chris Brown, whose physical abuse of also-popular singer Rihanna was very publicly documented, won a Grammy for best R&B album this year. Charlie Sheen, who's also been accused of domestic violence, has just been given a popular new TV series. When Roman Polanski was arrested for the rape of a then-13 year old, which he has publicly admitted to, droves of actors, directors and non-industry people rushed to defend him and demand his release. If the transgressor is a man, and his victim is a girl or woman, his career will be fine, even if what he does is not only illegal but also truly horrific.

But when a female actress cheats on her also-famous boyfriend, her career is destroyed, at least for the time being. Because that is truly unacceptable.