All You Feminists

Show of hands: who thinks the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is sexist? I kind of love it, but some people have argued that its treatment of Lydia is problematic. I would argue that Lizzie's approach to Lydia is judgemental and problematic (as it is to all characters who aren't her best friends), but clearly many people disagree.

How about A Song of Ice and Fire? Does it have kickass female characters, or does it revel in misogyny?

Is the lack of male protagonists, writers and readers in YA problematic, or is YA a haven for female readers and writers, in a literary world where almost every other category is mostly aimed at and written by men?

Whenever I get a comment that starts with the words "you feminists," I know it's from someone who doesn't get it. Feminism is a movement, not a monolith. It does not come with a rulebook or a checklist that members must apply to every text and situation to judge its sexism. Every individual has a slightly different approach, because, despite what some media outlets seem to think, women (and people in general) are individuals, and no two individuals think exactly alike.

I disagree with a lot of feminists. Occasionally, a feminist article will make me angry... not because it's feminist, but because the writer has applied feminism in a way that I deeply disagree with. I'm sure that some other feminists have similar reactions to my approach. And that's OK.

My approach to this blog is simple: all people, including women, are individuals who deserve equal respect. For me, that means seeing complex, well-thought-out female characters who are allowed to be flawed, or tough, or girly, or scared, or fearless, or emotional, or evil, or kind-hearted... not just one type of character, not just a "token woman," but present in many human forms. Female characters who are the center of their own stories.

But this isn't the word of "feminism," despite the name of the blog. It's just my opinion. And others will surely disagree.