Link Roundup

The same group who convinced Seventeen magazine to stop altering models' faces and bodies are now targeting Teen Vogue. The editor's response was not positive. Author Jennifer Weiner talks to NPR about the double standard in literary criticism. A few months ago, Meg Wolitzer also talked about the dismissal of the work of female authors as lesser "women's fiction" in the New York Times.

(TW: Rape) The Vulture has a quick summary of the controversy around "Comedian" Daniel Tosh and the horrific heckler incident this week. ThinkProgress points out that he has encouraged viewers to harras women before. For those interested, there's a petition to take Daniel Tosh off the air here.

NBC has named Pearlena Igbokwe as the network's new drama head.

Meanwhile, in San Diego...

Screenrant have a summary of Thursday's Elementary panel. Assumedly the video will be online soon.

io9 talks about both the first footage from The Host movie and from Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

EW talks about the panel and screening for new CW drama, Beauty and the Beast.

The trailer for new Game of Thrones MMORPG, Seven Kingdoms, has been released. As George RR Martin apparently insisted the game must include roles for female characters, we can hope that this game might allow for female PCs.

With three more days of Comic Con to go, it's going to be an exciting weekend!