This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers

On the morning of the end of the world, Sloane Price decides to kill herself.

Then the zombies come.

Sloane finds herself locked up in a school with 5 other teenager survivors, fighting for survival. But unlike the others, Sloane isn't so sure that she wants to survive.

This Is Not A Test is a zombie-apocalypse novel, but ultimately, the undead only provide the backdrop for a story about what it means to survive. Protagonist Sloane is a profoundly damaged heroine: a victim of domestic abuse, abandoned by her somewhat-controlling sister and plagued with nightmares and fears that have nothing to do with the zombies struggling to kill her. Some of the individuals she ends up fighting with are brave, good people, and some of them are not, but they all undone as the days tick by and no help comes. The characterization and depth of emotion in Summer's writing is astounding, and it will pull you in, captivate you and break your heart. Although it's not what traditional zombie-novel-lovers might expect (there's minimal gore and the zombies are only seen a couple of times throughout the story), the novel tremors with psychological dread, and I found myself reading the entire thing in one sitting, until the sun was coming up again, because I simply could not leave the story for a moment.

This Is Not A Test is the perfect novel to read on a stormy summer nights, when the power has gone out and you have to use a flashlight to read. The zombies will send a chill down your spine, but it's the people in this novel that will haunt you long after you're done.