In Defence of HBO's Girls

The Gloss has a great article defending the new HBO show Girls, which has been lambasted for presenting unlikeable, entitled characters who are too hipster to deal with their first world problems. There are many criticisms that can be made against Girls. It's too white. It presents some pretty loathsome characters. Who joins their friends in the bathroom when they pee?? And New York City is not that white. Seriously, people.

But the show has one great strength: it shows a group of female characters in a way that television usually avoids. They are utterly imperfect. They are not fabulous. They are not chasing after the perfect relationship in high heels while sipping Starbucks and flipping their perfect rom-com hair.

These girls have awkward, unsatisfying sex with guys who are kind of jerks. They openly talk about and accept the idea of an abortion (and even visit an abortion clinic, which I can never see happening on network TV). They are unemployed, or underemployed, and full of that combination of self-importance and self-loathing that crashes on you when you graduate from college and realise you don't have the slightest clue what you're doing. The characters are privileged and somewhat entitled, but privileged, entitled dudes have filled our screens for years, screwing up, searching for themselves, finding out life sucks. It's time for the girls to have the same chance to be unlikeable-but-realistic on TV. Especially since some of those problems (I'm looking at you, awkward abortion clinic visit) are hardly things that male-oriented TV are going to cover.