Dawn is Breaking

Can you feel the insanity in the air? Can you hear the swooning? It's that time of year again. A new Twilight movie is in theatres now.

I have a strange relationship with this series. I find its themes and characters utterly repellent, but I tore my way through the first three, relishing every little sparkle and declaration of love, even as certain scenes made me want to throw the book against the wall. The only book I was unable to finish was Breaking Dawn, where Stephenie Meyer lost the plot entirely and went all demon-baby-spawn on us. And hating Twilight is so in vogue that it's almost created a safe place for people to hate women and their "ridiculous" taste. It's used an excuse to lament women's presence at events like Comic Con, not because they have reasoned critical arguments against Twilight, but because it is pulling girls and girly things into their sacred nerdy space.

So yes. I look to these movie releases with a certain amount of morbid fascination, mixed with fear about the misogyny that is present both in the stories themselves and in many people's reactions to its popularity.

As I have a busy weekend coming up, I won't be able to view the movie for myself for a few days. But check out NPR's review of the movie, which makes some excellent points about the series, and about people's reactions to it, as it moves towards its conclusion.