Revolutions, Revelations and Angelica Schuyler

It’s hard to talk about Hamilton’s Angelica without thinking about Eponine, that other figure of unrequited love in a smash hit musical. But once you’ve noted that they both sing a song about the guy they don’t end up with, the similarities pretty much end. Eponine, for all her iconicness, is the prototypical waif. She sadly wanders the streets, …

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But it’s just a joke!

Okay. Let’s talk about Pewdiepie and the “it’s just a joke” defense. Quick intro, for the unaware. Pewdiepie is a gamer and the most popular creator on Youtube, with over 50 million subscribers. In recent years, he’s been curating a persona of Youtube’s Biggest Troll, and has been increasingly making “shock” jokes that are racist, …

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You Need To Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I thought I was super late to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend party, but turns out the ratings say otherwise, and since the finale of season two just aired and it’s all available to watch on Netflix… Oh my god, you need to watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is laugh out loud funny, with great characters and heaps of diversity …

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Not Loving La La Land

La La Land  is the darling of Hollywood right now. It’s received the most Oscar nominations in history, tied with All About Eve and Titanic at 14, and it has good odds of sweeping many of the biggest awards. And as much as I want Lin Manuel Miranda to get his EGOT, even I couldn’t be unhappy with a victory for Audition as …

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Critical Role Fantasy Youtube

Tropes, Intentions, and Critical Role

Whenever writers get criticized for invoking troubling tropes in their stories, there’s one excuse that crops up more than any other: “this was where the story needed to go.” Yes, many other stories have shoved girlfriends in fridges or killed off the lesbian characters or had the black guy die first, but they weren’t thinking …

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Gilmore Girls Television

Jess from Gilmore Girls is the Worst

When I watched Gilmore Girls as a teenager, I loved Jess. I just wanted him and Rory to live happily ever after. I guess he was cute, and he read a lot, and he could talk really passionately about books, and that was all I needed. Even when watching the Netflix revival, my inner teen squeed when …

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Fantasy Novels

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The Bear and the Nightgale is a medieval Russian fairy tale-esque novel by debut author Katherine Arden. And it’s beautiful. That’s pretty much the whole review I want to give this book. It’s beautiful. It’s an experience. You should absolutely read it. The closest comparison I can think of is Uprooted by Naomi Novak, for the same dark fairy …

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Movies Star Wars

Rogue One’s Moral Ambiguity

The Star Wars universe has a slight problem with moral complexity. Although it does occasionally hint at stances beyond Good Is Good and Evil Is Bad, like when Lando Calrissian sells out Han and Leia, it mostly makes very clear who is supposed to be a hero, and who is supposed to be a villain. But the more …

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