We Are the Capitol: Thoughts on the Hunger Games Theme Park

A couple of weeks ago, Lionsgate announced that they would be opening several Hunger Games theme parks — one in Atlanta, one in Macau, China and one in Dubai. According to the Guardian: Guests will be greeted by actors dressed as District 12’s downtrodden inhabitants and get the chance to visit locations such as the Hob black […]

Not-So-Strong Female Characters

By now, everyone is familiar with the “Strong Female Character” trope. The badass girl who can take anyone in a fight, looks gorgeous doing it, and, most importantly, doesn’t have any of those pesky weaknesses or emotions, except perhaps her love for the hero. She’s expected to be Strong, where “strong” means unflinching and undeveloped, […]

The Power of Fangirls

Several months ago, I saw an interesting discussing about the Beatles on Twitter. Teenage girls, the tweets said, were responsible for the huge popularity of the Beatles, yet nobody thinks that the Beatles are therefore bad. They were the ones screaming at the concerts, but the Beatles themselves are no longer associated with teenage girl-dom. They’re […]

Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire

This article contains spoilers through to the end of Mockingjay Katniss is the protagonist of a powerhouse dystopian/action/war series that just broke records at the box office (something that conventional Hollywood wisdom would tell you should be impossible), and yet she’s one of the most unlikeable female protagonists I’ve ever seen. And, weirdly, her unlikeableness […]

Teenagers, Twilight and the Hunger Games

The media machine around Catching Fire is heating up. Stills and trailers have been released. People are getting excited. And I’ve been interested in how the media has presented and discussed The Hunger Games sequel, especially in comparison to that other YA blockbuster, Twilight. Both are mega-selling book series targeted primarily at teenage girls. Both led to blockbuster […]

Team Peeta or Team Gale?

How about Team Katniss instead? It’s difficult to miss how massive The Hunger Games movie has been. It had the 3rd largest grossing opening weekend ever, Hunger Games fever has been everywhere, and, best of all, in my opinion, this attention is focussed on a movie aimed at teenage girls, with a well-developed female character as its protagonist. Except, […]