Watching It Burn: Eliza Hamilton and Narrative

Like most of the internet, I’m currently completely obsessed with Hamilton. And since I’m a sucker for meta about narrative and perspective… let’s talk about Eliza, shall we? Eliza’s story is preoccupied with her place in the musical’s narrative. As the story progresses, she moves from asking Alexander to “let [her] be a part of the narrative” […]

Into the Woods

As a fan of fairy tales — and of twisted fairy tales especially — it’s kind of ridiculous that I had never seen or heard anything from Into the Woods until I went to see the movie last weekend. Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Jack and Rapunzel combined into one cross-fairy-tale adventure, with the “happy ending” in […]

Appreciating Wicked

Last week, I found this fabulous article on The Toast: Wicked, haters to the left, please. In it, writer Sarah James recalls her teenage self’s obsession with the musical, and then her about-face to superior loathing, based on the idea that real Broadway fans don’t like musicals that are so teenage girl-y. She then explores how this […]

On Fantine

It’s difficult to know what to think of Fantine in Les Miserables. She’s a tragic figure who sings a fantastic song, but as she dies quite early in the musical, it also seems highly possible to dismiss her as a Victorian cliche. She is, to put it simply, the tragic fallen woman, who gets pregnant, turns […]