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Marvel Movies

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War was probably my most anticipated Marvel movie ever. I mean, that’s not a particularly difficult title to achieve. I only finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy about six months ago, enjoyed Ant Man more than most of their movies, and still haven’t seen the  ...

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Marvel Television

Jessica Jones vs Supergirl

Jessica Jones is not what all female superhero stories have to be. Since both Supergirl and Jessica Jones were announced for release this fall, people have been desperate to compare them. The two series have nothing in common, beyond the general superhero setup and the fact that they have  ...

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Analysis Marvel Movies

Beyond Love Interests

So, I’m a bit of a shipper. I love a good romantic subplot in a story, and that investment in a potential couple is often what pushes me from liking a series to all-out obsession. But Black Widow’s role in Age of Ultron has once again got people talking about whether romance has a  ...

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