Why Frozen Isn’t “False Feminism”

Yesterday, I came across this article that was traveling around Tumbr: The Problem with False Feminism (or why “Frozen” left me cold). It’s a very long but interesting read, and one I disagree with on a fundamental level. Ultimately, the article argues that, instead of actually having a feminist message, Frozen misrepresents previous Disney princess movies […]

The Unforgivable Pinkness of Disney Princesses

It happens every time a new Disney princess movie emerges. An avalanche of articles, reviews and critiques, saying that finally we have a princess worth going to see. Finally we have a Disney character that can be a good role model for girls, because this princess isn’t entirely focussed on romance, this princess has a story and ambitions outside […]

Disney, Frozen and the (un)Importance of Prettiness

Disney’s Frozen is turning into a bit of a mess, and it isn’t even released for another month. First, the movie has been criticized for taking a female-character-dominated fairy tale and removing almost all of those female characters, leaving a female heroine and a villain surrounded by male love interests, helpers and talking snowmen. The one […]