A Little Real Life Update

This blog’s been pretty quiet recently, while I did a big writing push on my next book. Since I finished my last novel Long May She Reign, I have been… struggling. I wrote one full-length first draft of a fantasy adventure novel that I may one day come back to, but I pushed myself to do it while I wasn’t in a good place, and it really shows in the writing. I started and floundered on a bunch of different book ideas, and I had periods where I just couldn’t really write anything at all. But finally, I’m feeling excited (and terrified) about what the fantasy novel I’m currently working on is becoming, and I just handed in a new revised draft to my agent. Fingers crossed for it!

Meanwhile, I’m debating what to work on next. I’m currently torn between a kind of modern-day Gothic murder mystery YA, and a non-YA epic fantasy, although who knows? First, I’m going to read and play as much as I can, and get inspired again.

In the fall, I’m starting a Masters Degree in Japanese Translation, with some Korean on the side. I would love-love-love to combine being an author with translating Japanese and Korean stories (novels, TV shows, the works) for an English audience. So expect an uptick in posts about Japanese and Korean series as I practice my language skills hardcore. Also possibly some new Harry Potter musings, since I’m currently reading the entire series in Japanese, and I am having a lot of feelings.

Beyond that, I’ve been playing Phoenix Wright, drinking a lot of coffee, and saying “I’ll deal with that when I’ve handed my book in” on a daily basis, which I guess means I have to actually do all that stuff now.

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    I’d be delighted to hear more from you about East Asia media and also about what studying Translation is like. It sounds like an amazing field you’re about to(?) dip your feet in! Best of luck!! (With you novels and novel ideas as well. )

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