A Quick Look At… Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

What it is: multi-perspective YA epic fantasy

What it’s about: two soul-sisters fighting for survival, who get swept up in the fight between empires.

Who it’s by: YA fantasy author Susan Dennard, who wrote the criminally under-appreciated Something Stange and Deadly series.

Best bits: rich worldbuilding, immediately gripping and compelling characters, lots of magic and adventure, THE SHIPPINESS

The protagonist is: two characters — an impulsive, bold noblewoman who is a truthwitch (and can tell when people are lying) and a reserved nomadic outcast who is a threadwitch (and can read people’s emotions).

The love interest is: an impatient pirate prince determined to save his kingdom

The villain is: a razor-focused “bloodwitch” who can track our protagonists anywhere and will do anything to get his hands on them

Read if: you love rich, well-built fantasy worlds, you like a fresh take on magic, you want a story about female friendship, or you love antagonistic shipping

Skip if: you don’t enjoy 3rd person books with many perspectives

What do you think?

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