Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8

1. Jon will end up on the Iron Throne (but he won’t be happy about it)

Either he’ll rule alongside Daenerys, or (more likely, in my opinion), she will die, and he’ll rule alone in order to help Westeros rebuild. The writers didn’t throw that whole annulment detail in for no reason.

Tyrion will be his chief advisor.

2. Jon is the Prince that was Promised

Basically, it’s all about Jon. Dany, who?

3. Sansa, Jon, Tyrion, Sam, Brienne, and Davos will all live

That’s what my gut says. And those are in order of certainty, so I think Sansa will DEFINITELY live, but Davos is the most uncertain… but he’s fun and doesn’t fight, so I’d say his chances of surviving to advise Jon are good.

4. Cersei, Jaime, Euron and Jorah will die

The survey’s out on the fate of the others.

5. Only one dragon will survive

And be adopted by Jon, of course.

6. Ghost will be MIA

Direwolves? What direwolves?? Unless Ghost plays a key role in the final battle somehow, he won’t be appearing. Those dragons and zombies are expensive enough.

7. There will be a dramatic siege at Winterfell

Winterfell will fall, or at least be unable to stop them.

8. The last stand battle will take place at King’s Landing

This is where the White Walkers will be stopped for good.

9. The Rains of Castemere will play slowly while Cersei sits alone on her precious Iron Throne, the zombies closing in

Jaime will try to save her, but he will fail.

10. The final shot of the show will be a wight or zombie dragon opening its blue eye

We’re going full horror movie. They’ll think they’ve defeated the threat, and everything is safe again, and then we’ll find out that, nope. All of this will happen again.

11. Jon and Dany’s angst will be the main emotional focus of the season

I mean, does this even count as a prediction?

Will I be right about any of these? Who knows! But I’ll come back to these at the end of the season and see just how wrong I was.

But let me know: what are your predictions for Season 8? I’d love to hear them!

08 comments on “Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8

  • Penelope Wallace , Direct link to comment

    You don’t mention Arya!! Or the Hound. I think there might be an emotional thingy about the fate of Cersei’s incestuous baby: someone ordering someone else to kill it at birth, say.
    I’m not confident that Tyrion will survive. He killed his father, after all.
    We need to see more of Varys, and we’ve been promised a return of Melisandre.

  • Anmiryam , Direct link to comment

    I also wonder what you think will happen to Arya. My prediction is that she survives, but like Frodo at the end of LOTR, she ends up leaving Westeros. She did say to Lady Crane that she wanted to see what was west of Westeros. Hound defeats the Mountain, but dies as a result. Cersei is not pregnant. My pet theory is that she is actually ill (ovarian cancer perhaps) and that she knows she is dying and tricks Jaime into killing her. The rest? I’m just waiting to see.

    • Rhiannon , Direct link to comment

      I agree on the Hound, and that Cersei isn’t pregnant. Honestly, I thought and thought about Arya, but I couldn’t make a prediction at all. I really have no idea what to expect with her plotline this season.

  • Curvy Fiddle , Direct link to comment

    I think Jon is killed within the next two episodes. As a sacrifice, with his consent, by Dany. She’ll be pregnant, and they’ll have been backed into some corner, and Melisandre or someone will tell the story of Azor Ahai and the flaming sword of light that appeared when he killed his love Nyssa. And he’ll tell her that as he cant kill her and their unborn child, she must kill him – its the sacrifice that’s important not who.

    I think Jaime will kill the Night King. His destiny is to kill kings – for honourable reasons. Whilst Dany holds the flaming sword to keep the Night King at bay – Jaime will appear from behind – reach in with his gold hand and withdraw the dragon glass – and the Night King will return to being human, wither and die. Jaime will die at the same time but he’ll unexpectedly bring about the demise of the Night King.
    Arya will then kill Cersei wearing Jaime’s face later.

  • Elisa Mariño , Direct link to comment

    My theory (not sure how likely) is that Jon would get Danaerys pregnant. They would marry for political reasons with him revealed as the true king. After that, he would die heroically against the night king. Danaerys would die in childbirth (as Liana Stark) and Sansa, as Jon closest kin would become tutor of the new king and sit in the throne as regent queen. With Tyrion as the hand in order to end the war between the two big houses.

    As for Arya, using Nimeria as a “proxy” I would say that she would remain with the “pack” for the rest of the “winter”. That is, until the government stabilices. The iron throne have a council. It wasn’t just the hand. There was the coin master and others advisers. My guess is that Arya might be tasked with safety, which would mean she would take a place as a spy/assasin. Not sure about the oficial title.

    Anyway, is just a theory and I’m probably wrong. XD

    • Rhiannon , Direct link to comment

      I think I’d be pretty unsatisfied if Dany died in childbirth after everything, even if it mirrored Lyanna Stark and her own mother. It fits the grim realistic tone of Westeros, but I want some glory for her, whether that’s winning or sacrificing herself or just going down in a blaze of fire. But I agree that her fate is definitely tied to Jon’s now.

      I absolutely couldn’t imagine Arya settling down in Winterfell or even really rejoining the “pack” again until the last episode of last season and the first few episodes of this one. Now, I think I WANT her to be exploring and doing badass things for her family, but still always able to come home. Assuming, of course, that she survives.

  • Elisa Mariño , Direct link to comment

    I would also like for Dany to sit in the throne. But it is unlikely. Characters in GoT rarely get what they want and if they do, like Cersei, they have it on a way that it is bitter. She wanted to rule, but not at the cost of her children.

    Best case scenario for Dany, she would get the throne at the cost of her dragons, Jon and most of her friends.

    Arya on the other hand, might have got what she wanted, short of. She have become a deathly fighter, at the cost of never becoming a knoght (she is not honorable) and just to discover that family make her happier. It is possible she survives to learn that, to value what she had and try to rebuild it by passing the lesson to next Stark generation. She might be like uncle Benjen, the aunt others look up to, but that have pay a high price for it.

    Anyway, they have said that the ending makes sense, but wont make us happy. So no Dany or Jon on the throne. XD

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