Frozen II: The Plotline is Unclear, but the Fashion is On Point

Here I was, minding my own business, working on a different blog post, when I saw that the first trailer for the Frozen sequel has been unleashed on the world.

I kinda love Frozen. I’ve written a bunch of essays about why. Yes, Tangled is better, sure, Moana has better music, but there’s something about Elsa singing Let It Go that is goddamn magical, and I am 100% here for whatever hopefully-not-terrible sequel Disney wants to charge me to see.

And we have a trailer! A trailer which tells us… eh. Nothing. It’s autumn in this movie! The same old characters will be in it! Elsa might get trapped on an island? Sven has to leave his natural habitat? Anna needs to fight with a sword? There’s not much plot to work with here. There’s not even any spoken lines of dialogue.

So, I guess it’s time to start analysing its feminist worth!

And even though I’m joking, I can feel a hundred thinkpieces brewing on laptops, ready to say why Frozen is totally bad for girls or why Frozen II is clearly the worst and omg don’t people make original stories any more and anyway I heard Disney Princesses are encouraging kids to ritually sacrifice their hardworking grandparents in honor of capitalism and…

Please, world. Save it. It can all wait until after people have actually seen the movie they’re going to tear apart.

So here’s my totally professional, highly analytical take. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.

I’m swooning. One major criticism of Frozen was how flat and undetailed the world was, but look at thiiiiiis.

This shot doesn’t even look like Frozen. Those waves.

And of course, there’s the fashion to consider.

Elsa, rocking some awesome leggings under her glitter dress for all that practical running she’s going to have to do this time around. Also, putting her hair in a ponytail, so parents won’t have to cry so much when their kids ask them to recreate Elsa’s braid.

ANNA’S OUTFIT LOOKS SO COOL. She look’s like a swashbuckling autumn princess. And her HAIR:

I’m gonna braid my hair like this tomorrow. You see if I don’t. I love a good fantasy braid, and this is so pretttyyyy.

Though I am wondering who this is. Is this Anna, or is it just another victim of “all CG Disney Princesses have the same face” syndrome? Either way, LEAVES. Pretty leaves!!

I’m going to go so nuts over this that Sven is already rolling his eyes.

Is it November yet??

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    YAAAAAS IM NOT THE ONLY ONE ALL THE THUMBS UPSSS. My (last year in college, struggling) sister saw the trailer a week back and it’s been a while I’ve seen her so excited. You now have (2) lil beans eager to see the movie with you in spirit 🙂 And FIE UPON THOSE WHO MOCK, IT’S 2019, LIVE AND LET LIVE

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