Game of Thrones Season 7 (and 8) Is Coming

As any long-time blog readers will know, I have an… interesting relationship with Game of Thrones. I became a big fan of the books, despite their flaws, for their complex character morality, and I really wanted the show to be amazing too. And sometimes it was. Often, it wasn’t. Sometimes, it made me scream in rage, and yet I couldn’t stop watching, until Season 5, when I finally quit.

I’ve never seen the final few episodes of Season 5. I know what happened in them, and they’re not things I want to see. But on people’s positive recommendations, I eventually binged Season 6, and found myself enjoying it a lot more, despite its problems.

I meant to watch Season 7 when it aired in 2017, but then… I didn’t. And now time has passed, and Winds of Winter is literally never ever coming out, and I’m curious. I know some of what happened in Season 7, but not all of it. And I feel like, for good or bad, I want to watch the final season and see how it ends.

So here we go. Starting this week, I’m going to be watching Game of Thrones S7 for the first time and posting recaps/reviews on Sundays, (time, health and lack of apocalypse permitting, of course). They’ll be half recap of what happened, in case people have forgotten in the interim, and half thoughts and analysis and cries of “Sansa, Queen In The North!”

I hope this doesn’t backfire. I hope it’s fun and not TOO ranty. But if it does get ranty… well, I hope you enjoy that too!

What do you think?

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